About Kirsi


Kirsi Tilk is an Estonian guitarist, composer, musician currently living in Aarhus, Denmark. Her compositional style is heavily influenced by flamenco, world music, classical music and nordic folk. Between temperamental southern rhythms and northern melancholic melodies, her ever evolving tunes offer a broad perspective on music through an intimate combination of styles.

Kirsi got her masters degree in classical guitar from The Royal Danish Music Academy in Aarhus, Denmark and spent a year studying in Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain where she improved on her classical technique and started learning flamenco with the local artists in Sevilla and Granada.

Kirsi has performed as a soloist in front of the orchestra on several occasions. Most prominent of them was playing ‘Concierto Semplice’ by Tõnu Kõrvits on Estonian National Television, accompanied by Tallinn Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra in 2015.

Besides classical music ensembles, she has been and is a part of many different projects within folk, flamenco, world music and crossover genres. Her currently active projects are A Fo! All Female Orchestra an ensemble inspired by West African music tradition, Thief On The Roof, a guitar duo whose composition is influenced by various folk and world music, and K&B, a more traditional flamenco duo.