On the 24th of October Thief On The Roof released their EP “Stamps from Denmark” which is now available on all the bigger streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, iTUnes. In this second album we concentrated on the Danish folk music and found our own way to interpret it. The process from collecting the tunes and releasing it as an EP took about a year. We visited various places in DK and learned traditional tunes from different folk musicians. The whole process was eye-opening, exciting and interesting. In the end stretch


Release concert

Release concert took place in Cafe Mellemfolk in Aarhus where the corona limit for guests was constantly met. The atmosphere was wonderful to play in as the audience was very engaged. Concert got started by Pia Nygaard, who is a local folk musician and fiddler. Besides introducing the audience to a variety of the Danish folk tunes, it is worth bringing forth that she is also one of the key people we learned melodies from to make a pick for our album. Her part of the concert was warmly received.

Release concert in Copenhagen had a very intimate and cozy vibe. With less people present but presenting the same level of enthusiasm and enjoyment as folks in Aarhus, we felt absolutely blown away and over the moon.

Even though many restrictions have remained and strengthened with Corona, I am very happy that at the moment the concerts are allowed in Denmark! This offers us a lifeline and optimistic view to the future.